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sorry to start a new post for this but I was wondering if someone could give me insight in how to find a reputable/knowledgable LLMD- I am concerned about some not having depth of knowledge- or not treating co-infections. AND or being incredibly expensive WITHOUT spending quality time with patient…. we saw Dr.T for PANS- he is not lyme literate but open hence looking for LLMD…..he was expensive- to a degree- but INVALUABLE in his care of patients and thoroughness…. we are looking for a LLMD along this lines. I have contacted ILAD for TN Physicians and I am not completely sold.


I would like someone open to herbal therapy as well….. yes, its a huge checklist…..its been a long road to get hubby on board and it finally seems he is so this next step is important.


Open to anywhere, USA.


Open to suggestions of how to get specific NAMES


Please PM if need be for privacy...


Very confusing, lonely time but know we need to find a good LLMD quick.


thanks to anyone who replies and to all of you who have been on these forums for years- sharing stories is what opens minds to an expanding differential diagnosis and ultimately to some of us (MY DD) getting the right diagnosis….

now to get some treatment….quick.



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The list of LLMDs that fit your criteria - integrative, MD and pediatric - narrows the list to three that I can think of. I will PM you their names. Whether the pass muster with your DH - well, he may need to be willing to meet with them . All have waiting lists. The three I have in mind all arrived at where they're at by being failed by mainstream standards of care. All three have years of seeing atypical patients and having to cast wide nets to help their patients return to good health. In doing so, you start to re-define previously held, narrow beliefs. You'll have to try to get your DH to accept that they may just know more than him in terms of Lyme.


I understand how out-there Lymeland can be. When mainstream refuses to fund (or publish) research, it leaves an opening for out-there protocols and claims. But you and your DH might have a better understanding of the controversy, politics and financial conflicts of interest if you read Cure Unknown by Pam Weintraub (recommended by SF Mom in your other post). It's an easy read and could go a long way in giving your DH a coherent explanation of the state of things. You can also google "Embers Monkey Trials" and research the history of the failed lyme vaccine (thus the financial conflict of interest). https://www.lymedisease.org/lymepolicywonk-embers-monkey-trials-part-2-chronic-lyme-disease-treatment-and-persistence/

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