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Somebody here made an OAT urine test? (Organic Acid Tests)

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Somebody here made this test and willing to share it over here? (if that is too long for you, then at least post your arabinose results which is elevated with people with autism or similar problems, autism can be also aspergers such as high functioning autism which doesn't seem to be autistic on the outside)


also write your background story of problems you have, anxiety, sleep disorders, aspergers, autism, pandas syndrome, etc..


here are my results:



My problems:

Severe social anxiety, schizoid personality disorder or aspergers (socially disabled - can't talk to people), generalized anxiety disorder, seasonal affective disorder (worse depression in winter), severe chronic insomnia (after lots of stress events), psychotic disorder, maybe PANDAS syndrome when i was a child (and maybe now it effects me in a way of depression and more), major depression (was mild depression but major after a break up with somebody i loved..


aspergers is autism, and i do think i have symptoms of high function autist.. i don't look like one but i'm very screwed when it comes to socializing with people, severely.

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