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My 24 year old daughter, as a film major, flew around the country making a documentary about PANDAS, interviewing PANDAS kids and following up three years later. She did this while having a PANDAS flare. You have no idea how difficult this was. She interviewed the researchers, physicians, scientists and families. Here is the promo!


Are you ready? SO EXCITED!!!!!

PANDAS: A Real Life Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a new online docuseries. Here is the first video, an introduction to the series.

For the past few years we interviewed dozens of children across America, and followed their stories growing through adolescents with PANDAS, and the struggles doctors and family members have trying to find a treatment for this life changing disorder.

Each episode will feature a new child, family or PANDAS specialist. It was important to us that this docuseries be made free and available to the public. Every episode will be featured on this Youtube channel.

Once the series is complete, it will be compiled into one documentary and sent out on DVD to those who have ordered it.

I'm honored to be able to share the brave and unique stories of the wonderful children I have met.


Please share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and like at https://www.facebook.com/PANDASdoc/?fref=ts
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