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TGF-b1 elevated - Mold?


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Hello all, our DS just went through a number of tests. Apart from CD57 being low (which it has almost always been), and his IgE count being high (290) - again something that we've struggled with, his TGF-b1 levels were very high (normal is below 2382, his was 4090).


Our LLMD says it is indicative of mold but all his other markers for mold are normal. Anyone familiar with this?

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Here are all of the tests


167120 HLA-DR

500124 MMP-9


010421 MSH

004440 ACTH, plasma

004280 Serum tryptase

002170 IgE

004180 Eosinophil cationic protein.


We will also be checking for MarCONS


Our home inspector did check for mold but did not do a formal ERMI test.

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Our Lyme doc says TGF-beta1 can indicate Lyme and/or mold. If I were you, I'd do the ERMI test and see if there are mold toxins in your home. If your LLMD decides to start treating for mold, you'll need to know this anyway, because you can't treat while you're still living in a moldy environment. And in the meantime, the ERMI will help you get a better idea of exposure.


C4A can also be a good guide as well as the Real Time Labs test.


Unfortunately, like Lyme testing, mold testing seems to be somewhat unreliable and only a guide, not a definitive answer.


Here's a recent thread on this subject that might be helpful: http://latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=24195&hl=mycotoxin#entry182986

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Yes - we plan to do the Real Time labs urine test (although its expensive - $700!!). There is also some not-so-good opinion about RT labs online (http://www.quackwatch.org/11Ind/hooper.html)


We will also do MARCONS testing (DIY kit).


But as you point out, there's uncertainty in all of this. It's like playing chess blindfolded - you're not really sure how effective the test is nor the accompanying treatment. Sometimes you fortuitously "checkmate" the disease - but most other times you're back to square one

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