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I would like to clarify my position on posts that offer Facebook links, as I have been the subject of criticism by someone related to this issue and believe there is a misunderstanding.

A couple of weeks ago a newbie member asked in her first post about finding a PANDAS doctor in a particular state. Rather than providing information so that this mother and others could benefit, the new member was directly instructed by an advanced member to join a Facebook page she was involved with, and all the benefits of doing so were extolled. I took exception to that approach and made the post invisible. I explained my concern to the advanced member.

Facebook communication is a great resource and we certainly don't have any problem with people learning about Facebook sites through the Forum. In fact many threads on this Forum specify Facebook pages.

What we would appreciate though, is that if someone asks a question, rather than immediately drawing that person away from the Forums to join a Facebook page, please provide answers on the Forums and then feel free to include info about a relevant Facebook page.

We often hear from people who tell us they are grateful for the Forums because they don't get on Facebook at all (believe it or not!) and they are looking for help right here. We want to meet the needs of everyone, and we want to keep the Forums strong for the benefit of all.

Many will recall that we were the first to have a PANDAS Forum, beginning in 2008. Controversies were raging and it took a lot of monitoring to keep things on track. My hope now is simply that helpful participation continues.

We greatly appreciate everyone's help in keeping these Forums strong. You are the ones who make it the valuable resource that it is.

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