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Question on MAGNESIUM introduction


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My grandson who is 8 and just 5 months into a tic disorder, head/neck area, started on magnesium 10 days ago. He took 100 mg liquid twice a day in apple juice. In just 3 days he showed remarkable improvement and at the end of 7 days he was stablilized at about 80% better. Still there, but less often and not as dramatic. He and family were amazed at the difference. Also changed his vitamins to an organic brand with more B vitamins and added a probiotic.


Over the weekend, he increased in the movements back to the previous state. More TV and video were involved during this time also.


Is this because it is such a low amount per dose, or does that mean it is not as effective as we thought. I am hoping he needs more in his system and we should continue and possibly increase.


Any feedback would be appreciated...

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Do you know the type of magnesium they are using and what brand vitamins? Does he take baths? Epson salt baths are good too. Magnesium has really helped us, we go through our uos and downs sure,and usually when we go through a bump I increase magnesium. Typically any excitemnet like video games will set them off. Without streessi g him out try and limit. Exercise type activities help calm the tucs. If he has an Xbox 360 or Wii maybe try a game to get him moving an active vs Minecraft for example. Xbox has great sports kinnect games.

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He started the magnesium liquid, here is the details on the back. I got a natural vitamin chewable at Sprouts which had lots of B vitamins in it also. Then we started with probiotics.


He has been taking 1 tsp of magnesium in juice in am and pm.


Can you tell me what doses you use, what type and the vitamins you have found best. We are open to other experiences very much.


Waiting for the pediatric neurology evaluation.


Thank you so much for responding...we need all the guidance we can get.

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Thank you CHEMAR,


can you tell me the best place to start for an 8 year old.


Using the brand "Nature's Life" and we started at 200 mg divided into 2 doses

It is Magnesium Glycinate, 400 mg per tablespoon.

Ingredients are: distilled water, natural glycerin, citric acid, natural orange juice flavor with other natural flavors. Xylitol, Stevia and Xanthan Gum.


...had a great result initially, but over the weekend, not so good.


wanting to increase it as I feel this is low...is it ok to give an 8 year old 4-500 mg magnesium?

can you advise what you have done?


Oddly enough, his sister was sick last week and now mom was tested positive TODAY for strep throat. We had our little guy tested with the "titer" test at his pediatrician's office (on our request) and the test was negative. Mom has had a lot of strep and over the last couple of years she has experienced a little neck tic also. I am wondering whether there could be strep in their systems anyway ... PANS/PANDAS?


More history is that dad had a tic disorder starting at 8 also, lasted for about 10 years, but it was horribly complicated by the administration of haldol, which I think made the entire condition much worse rather than better. He is good now, except for an occasional slight neck stretch, but you would never know what he went through now.

So we have an interesting scenario here, don't we.


Familial? Infection? Help?


This forum is AWESOME.

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If he has been exposed to strep via his mom and then the tics increased I would certainly consider testing him as well?


We used 400mg magnesium daily as a separate supplement in addition to the multi and food sources.(my son was 10yo at the time) The type to avoid is magnesium oxide as it is very poorly absorbed.

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Hi and welcome

The type and dose of magnesium is important for optimum absorption and use.


I second the value of Epsom baths, even a foot bath is good!

Epsom baths, will give that a try for our 7 year old... Hoping it helps with the tics.

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