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Mycoplasma Pneumonia Help/Advice

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Hey everyone,


My name Is Mike B, I've been posting a lot on here recently due to my issues with severe anxiety/ocd since getting sick in early October of last year. As a young kid I got strep a lot (I am 21 now) so I pushed the strep thing a lot to all my doctors. A month after getting sick I was on Ceftin. (The one antibioitic my mom claimed fixed my pandas issues/strep) The problem is that while the ceftin did help with a lot of my physical symptoms, it did nothing for the anxiety/ocd.

I recently saw Dr. Latimar and was told to get more blood work done on mycoplasma as well as other possible triggers. Well today I found out that I have a very high number for Mycoplasma. BING. This made sense due to the fact that a majority of my remaining physical issues fall in line with the symptoms of Myco P. So now I am really hoping that that's the only other issue I am dealing with.


Anyways since it has been 4 months of being sick, my anxiety and ocd have gotten really bad, so bad to the point where I am considering dropping out of college this semester.

My question for everyone is, if you have dealt with a mycoplasma issue in the past what was the antibiotic/treatment that worked the best for you?


From a lot of online research that I've been doing it seems like Biaxin is a popular and successful choice, but I also read things about that antibiotic causing anxiety problems for some, which is the last thing I need right now.....

Anyways thanks to anyone that can help!


Mike B

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Just thought I'd ask one last time since tomorrow is the day I get the mycoplasma p medication.


Anybody have any positive results for myco p with any specific antibiotic? I know Z-packs don't work for me but besides that I am open to anything. Levaquin, avelox, doxy, mino, and biaxin are the 5 I'm most likely considering.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Mike B

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Hey Mike, keep us posted on your progress - what abx did you start? My symptoms/situation sounds very similar to yours - high myco p titers (along with high coxsackie a and b, EVB, etc.). No strep titers. I've tried short courses of abx in the past but didn't tend to see improvement - typically my anxiety/OCD gets worse! :-/


Curious to see what you were rx'd and how you get along with it...thank you!

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