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If you only did one test, which of these would it be?

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Clomipramine: good suggestion, but might be awkward at the moment. You see, here the rule is that they'd usually only try clomipramine after SSRIs had been tried and failed (it's considered less safe), and I've just been put on sertraline, and bailed out after 2 days because I was getting so much worse. I don't know whether it was physical or whether it was the psychological strain because I was freaking out so much about it; but with no way of knowing that it wasn't physical, I didn't dare carry on any longer, and anyway the result's the same. And my doctor doesn't even know I've bailed out yet.


Steroids: well, as I say, I think doctors in this country would only prescribe such a (in their eyes) dangerous treatment if you had a serious illness. But then, I have to keep reminding myself, I HAVE got a serious illness! Also the NHS website suggests that serious side-effects are mainly a concern only if you're taking them for three weeks or more, which this wouldn't quite be. I'll ask.


Meditation: no, you're not annoying me. I've tried any amount of that, but never got that far. What kind of meditation exactly was your daughter doing? There seem to be any number of possibilities!


And thank you so much for all this advice! Apart from anything else, it keeps me from panicking whenever I'm left to work it out on my own...

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