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PANDAS vs Yeast

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You have all been so helpful with answering my questions - I am so thankful to have a place to ask them!


My DS (10) has the following symptoms:

ASD diagnosis.

Prior to October was starting to self limit foods, was also demonstrating increased sensitivity to smell.

Behavioral regression beginning in October after nonspecific sore throat. Tonsils were puffy but no white spots, no fever. He complained on and off about the sore throat for a few days.

At this point he started having more difficulty tolerating any type of adversity. Started refusing more things at school. Very explosive about things that were not done the "right" way.

Also started needing the light on to go to sleep.

Frequent gas and complaining of stomach pains. Has gained a lot of weight in the past year, much of it in his stomach area (distended belly).

Started having urinary problems - going to the bathroom 4-5 times an hour. Having the feeling that he still needed to pee right after urinating. Sometimes pee will continue to spurt out for 10 minutes right after he goes.

Behavior and mood got somewhat better in early November. Mid-December it became worse, and has continued to worsen. He becomes explosive whenever something doesn't go the way he wants. School refusal.


Saw Dr. K a week ago Friday. Is on 10th day of Augmentin. We saw one night of perfect behavior (day 3 of abx), but other than that things continued to be bad. Separation anxiety at bedtime spiked on the first few days on abx and is now getting a little better. Urinary problems have also increased this week. I have been dosing ibuprofen 2-3 times a day since Thursday. There has been an improvement in his mood, with longer periods of calmness. He continues to have periodic outbursts when he is frustrated.


Dr. K ran labs for strep titers, mycoplasma, EBV, and IGE, IGG, IGM etc. We will see him again this Friday for the results.


I am wondering how to differentiate if Pandas is causing this flare or if it is yeast. He does seem to be doing better on the abx and ibuprofen, but I just read that ibuprofen can actually kill yeast! I am very concerned that if yeast is the underlying issue, then the abx are a very bad idea. I'm afraid that the doc might want to continue the antibiotic just to see if a longer period makes a difference. (Though From what his website says, Dr. K is not a fan of long term abx and sees IVIG as the way to cause remission).


I guess I just need help,with what questions to ask the doctor to see how to tease this out. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I may be jumping the gun here without having the blood work results yet, but I want to be prepared for my appointment on Friday.

Thanks in advance.


Edited to add:one reason that I suspected PANDAs in the first place is that my older son has had several rapid onset flares with mood disturbances accompanied by physical and vocal tics, separation anxiety and bed wetting. We never did identity the source of his flares, but the symptoms were pretty classic PANDAs

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Diet is definitely an issue. He has been restricting his food choices more and more and has extreme sensory issues to the smell of different foods - to the point that it is a struggle for me to cook any meals at home for the rest of our family. He gets a smoothie every day with probiotics, chia seeds, & coconut oil. Other than that he eats bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs as his meal options. And of course he eats chips, fries and dessert. At home we use all additive free foods, uncured meats, etc. but we are guilty of eating out more often than we should. We were GFCF for over a year and didn't see a real benefit. But I think we need to make some changes.


FWIW, I just looked up his daily progress reports from school. His explosive behavior started October 9. He Wes home from school on October 16, 19, and 23 complaining of a sore throat and his mouth hurting. We used Thieves essential oil at the time but did not see a doctor since he didn't develop a fever. Suspicious.

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