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High Human Trans Growth Fact. Beta 1- any connection with PANS or Lyme?

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My son PANS Ds17 has extremely high levels of human trans growth fact. beta 1. Highest range for normal is around 2300 and his levels are 5100. I don't know what this is and any research online shows it could be a result of anything. Is there a relationship with immune deficiency, PANS, possible Lyme with this hormone. I'm just trying to figure out what this tells me? Our follow up appt. isn't for awhile with the doc.

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I'm sure there are several causes but the one I know about is mold exposure. You can find info at www.survivingmold.com but here's why Dr Shoemaker (mold guy) thinks it's relevant to mold:


TGF Beta-1 is a protein that has important regulatory effects throughout innate immune pathways. This protein helps control the growth and division (proliferation) of cells, the process by which cells mature to carry out specific functions (differentiation), cell movement (motility), and the self-destruction of cells (apoptosis). The TGF Beta-1 protein is found throughout the body and plays a role in development before birth, the formation of blood vessels, the regulation of muscle tissue and body fat development, wound healing, and immune system function (especially regulatory T-cells).


TGF Beta-1 can impair T-regulatory cell function, which in turn contributes to the activation of autoimmunity, yet TGF Beta-1 also plays a role in suppressing autoimmunity(!). TGF Beta-1 has become important in the exploding incidences of childhood asthma, raising the tantalizing issue of remodeling due to biotoxin exposure. The EPA says that 21% of all new cases of asthma are due to exposure to Water Damaged Buildings. If an individual develops wheezing after exposure to a water damaged building, look for remodeling to be the cause. Remodeling means "something" happens that the airway changes to be more reactive and in need of medications to reduce wheezing. Neurologic, autoimmune and many other systemic problems also are found with high TGF Beta-1.


There's a definite link between this and auto-immunity.

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