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Would IVIG skew Anti-Strep O & Anti-DNase B titers?

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I'm wondering what role, if any, IVIG might play in causing our DD's Strep titers to nearly double.


Her results for both the Anti-Strep O & Anti-DNase B tests have been normal and consistent in June, July and September. In fact, each set of results are almost numerically identical.


After her September tests, she did 3 IVIGS before being tested again last week (1/12/16). Her results remain within normal range, it just seemed odd that they would double after having been consistent for four months. Her last IVIG ended 12/18/15.


She's been taking active-strength Amoxicillin since mid-September (and prophylactic strength dose before that), though I'm aware that abx treatment doesn't necessarily prevent strep. She has had a few flares since mid-September, and I'm aware that some strep is asymptomatic.





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With IVIG you get the pooled antibodies from hundreds (a thousand?) donors, right? A key benefit is that you get their resistance to invading germs.


So it would make sense to me that she'd gain more antibodies against Strep from the IVIG, showing up as higher anti-Strep antibody levels.

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