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Hi Chemar - As always thanks for the quick advice. Its appreciated. I have tried the baths and creams when he was younger and a bit less aware. Hes getting older and more aware. Becoming increasingly difficult. I'm really at my wits end. I need to figure out a way to slip it into his food or drinks.

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Hi TicsGoAway - Thanks for the advice. He wont eat spinach but I can try using a quisinart and adding it to a meal that way. He's so darn picky and non compliant. I don't want to flip out on him and make things worse.


He has a nut allergy so I can do seeds or nuts. He really gets no magnesium in his diet at all. Can't eat nuts, wont eat fish or beans. Won't eat spinach. Wont take supplements. I'm really so discouraged.


Maybe I can get him to eat some dark chocolate as I understand that's high in magnesium.

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One more for you; I've noticed this before but I've been experimenting a bit with my collection of powdered supplements to work out the exact recipe. If you mix 1 tsp magnesium carbonate powder and 1 tsp Vitamin C powder with about 2 tbsp of water and let them react, you end up with a completely clear solution (magnesium ascorbate, I assume), and if you mix it with a glass of fruit juice, it doesn't show at all (at least, not to my tastebuds). Don't try and disguise it in anything else, as it's quite sour, but in orange juice it seems to disappear.


It needs to be just pure magnesium carbonate powder and pure ascorbic acid powder (I get G&G brand, though they're in the UK so what you can get may be different). 1 tsp gives 120 mg magnesium, I don't know how much you're trying to give your son, obviously scale as needed.


I think this is actually also a cheaper way of getting magnesium in an absorbable (not carbonate or oxide) form than most ready-made supplements are!


Only problem is it takes about an hour to react and dissolve completely. Adding only 1 tsp of water to start with, then adding the rest once most of the fizzing's subsided, speeds it up to half an hour. Using hot water might work too, though you'd presumably lose some of the vitamin C but then that's not what you're using it for! (One place where my knowing the rules of chemistry comes in handy! More concentrated solutions react faster; warm solutions react faster than cold; more finely powdered and thoroughly mixed substances react faster.)


Hope this helps. Good luck with getting your son to take it one way or another!

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I totally understand what you are going through. I did lots of research and drove myself crazy because I needed to get that magnesium in my son but didn't want to fight him. I found that organic lemonaid, comes in a glass bottle will mask the kids natural calm quite well. Another thing I do is buy capsules of magnesium, one is brain something the other by solaway! My son drinks tons of water a day so I sprinkle the capsule in his waterbottke and he actually has no idea. Aw found the Epson salt lotion but the smell bothered him. He isn't into baths anymore but when he was the salts helped. Hope that helps.

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