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Need help- flare picking up momentum

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Dd(10) was basically back to baseline from mid-summer until the week before Christmas when my ds(8) had strep. Dd had been a bit "edgy" since we withdrew Bactim from her protocol maybe about a month or so before this, but was doing just fine. She started flaring- a few more minor rages, skin picking, defiant, oppositinal, mean, restless sleeping. We added amoxicillan and she was on that for 2 weeks and then had diarrhea for 3 1/2 days so i discontinued (the script was due for a refill and she didnt seem to be responding anyway) i thought it was from the amox, but thinking now maybe it was a stomach virus? Then she was complaining of feeling dizzy and headache for 2 or 3 days. This morning, and tonight (not this afternoon) she said her throat hurt..... She is pretty much raging daily now. Again. We haven't had this kind of behavior for a long time- since last spring maybe? At least not consistently like this-- maybe a bad day or 2 here and there, blips on the screen, but she is full-on flaring now :( I don't know what to do... We added Bactrim again too, it's been about a week. Never removed zith, still taking IMN-r for detox. Giving high doses of Motrin daily as well.... What else can we do? Nothing seems to be helping, and I feel like she's slipping away. And all I keep thinking is "I can't do this again"... And my husband is such an a-s I can't stand it. After 2 + years you would think he would get it, yet he just yells at her at the top of his lungs and threatens to take her iPad away and not let her have friends over ever again. I feel like I'm in an insane asylum and am helpless to do anything about it. I wish I could just run away sometimes, I really do. Bt my kids need me and I can't take them out if here because I'm so broke. Someone please help me understand what I'm supposed to be doing.... I know I should be strong after what we endured these past 2 years, but I'm really starting to lose it.

--at least I can vent here. Thank God for the Internet!

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I can sympathize. We've had to endure rages and intense behaviors that have tested our marriage (and I have a supportive husband) and made me feel like a total failure as a mother. For DD, it seems that mold and now MARCONS is wreaking havoc and getting rid of the MARCONS has been nearly impossible. Have you done any of the mold blood work listed on Shoemaker's www.survivingmold.com site? Or had her nasal swabbed for staph of fungal infections? Dizziness, rages, sore throat, these all come with the MARCONS for DD.



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I'm so sorry you are going through this AGAIN. I have no good suggestions but can absolutely relate to this horrific roller coaster. We've gone many, many months in "remission," only to have the flares return -- a few times this has happened. Its a complete gut punch that no one else would understand. I find myself broken more often than not when the flares return and it takes a while to gather the resolve to keep on going. Give yourself that time. The "I cant do this" is absolutely understandable. But you can do it. You did it before and you can do it again.


And yes, the tension affects everyone and everything. My marriage, my younger son...I feel like a complete failure half the time. Like the rest of the world has this all figured out but I am missing some key piece of information that leads to a harmonious life. Living in an insane asylum? YES! When amygdalas are in overdrive -- everyone suffers.


Just wanted to say you are not alone! Hang in for the journey!

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