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Recommend doctor that will treat more naturally?

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11yo DS has been on azithromycin for 3 years. I am ready to try another route. (Reason being that I think his gut health is causing major behavior issues. Depression, anxiety, negativity). He's been getting worse and worse over the last 3 years.


Please recommend an amazing doctor that can help us. We will fly. Eastern half of the U.S. preferred.

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Nancy O'Hara and Gail Szakacs http://ihealthnow.org/first appointment is in person, need 1 in person appt per year other appointments can be via phone. They do not accept insurance. Great, great reputations. They are among the most experienced and qualified doctors in this field. May take some time to get an a first appointment.

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O'Hara is awesome. So is Dr M, also in CT (PM me if you want his info). If your son is in remission and only on abx as a prophylactic, then you might like Stephen Buhner's book Herbal Antibiotics http://www.amazon.com/Herbal-Antibiotics-2nd-Alternatives-Drug-resistant/dp/1603429875/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1452808269&sr=8-4&keywords=buhner


I've had good success with Alchornea - one of the herbs he recommends.

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