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Any experiences with Mollescum Contagiosum? Or Bart related bumps?

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Dd(10) has had this patch of bumps at the fold of her arm for a long time (a year and a half?). Started with one skin-colored bump, and over time there were more, but just in that area. Finally took her to the pediatrician for a referral to a dermatologist and he said he's fairly sure it's a viral skin infection called mollescum contagiosum. Anyone familiar with this?


From what I've read, MC is contagious and one can reinfect themselves on other parts of the body. None of us have it, and with the skin picking she does when she's flaring, I would think she would've reinfected herself already if it was contagious. She has actually gouged a few of them off during flares.


I also read that for for those with healthy immune systems, it will usually resolve on its own. For those with compromised immune systems (lucky us!) it won't resolve without treatment.


Anyone have any helpful information?


Her pans doc looked at them the last time we were there, and he suggested that they may be Bartonella related. I have no idea. We're waiting for an appointment with a dermatologist but thought I'd check here too! Thanks! :)

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Several of my kids have had molloscum. It usually resolves on its own after about 1-2 years.


Something to try, if your DD will allow, is covering the largest one with duct tape. Do not allow it to get wet, and if it does, change to a fresh piece of duct tape. This should be done for up until two weeks, or until the itch becomes unbearable.
All of the 'warts' should then resolve. Good luck!!

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My dd had this for 15 months. It definitely spread to many areas of her body and although one section of bumps would resolve, another area would crop up. Do not reuse or share towels or you can spread the infection. My son ended up getting a few but it stayed more limited. We tried many home remedies. The one that worked for us was to soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and place it onto the bump, then cover it with a bandaid to hold it in place for a few hours. Over 3-4 days of doing this, the bump would turn angry red, come to a head and then scab. It would then disappear over a few more days (no need to apply the ACV once it scabbed). During the angry period, we sometimes had to limit the duration of ACV soaks, as it can be irritating. And the kids hated smelling like easter eggs (the ACV has that distinct smell that reminded them of dying eggs). But it worked and if they could suck it up for 3-4 days, we'd get rid of the bumps. I only wish we'd done it when the infected areas were small. Having to treat many many bumps too a long time to tackle.


Try the ACV on a few bumps. If they turn red, it's probably molluscum. If you see no change, it's probably something else.

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