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TMI question-puberty girl

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Dd is 10 and I got my period at 11. Given that anxiety is such a big component for many of our kids can you tell me how you described the logistics of this? Do girls start out with pads or go straight to tampons? A tampon will freak her out but so will the sight of a used pad. Looking for any advice from those who have gone before me.



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My daughter (with pandas) went straight to tampons- tam pax pearls. She has many friends- non pandas- that will not wear tampons yet, and they are 15. I think it's very personal.


That being said, this daughter has never had sensory or bathroom issues w/ pandas. Her younger sister is a whole other story and I am not looking forward to her getting her period!


I would buy a variety of products and let her choose.


Good luck!!!!

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Our daughter was 11 at the time this came up in out house and was interested in the topic when it first came up though she was very secretive/independent about it which surprised me but she is the type who likes to be prepared so I should not have been surprised. She asked me to buy her a long list of products she thought she needed so I did that and just left a bag on her bed --included both tampons and pads several shapes and sizes though to date she has not tried a tampon she still has them in her drawer.. She had had the American Girl Book 'The Body Book for Girls' since she was very young and she told me that was all the info she needed. True enough - I left her to herself on this.

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