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LLMD in Seattle area?

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I am looking for recommendations for a LLMD in the Seattle area. I received 2 names from lynenet.org and have a request out to ILADS but I would love to hear from parents in the area who have seen a pediatric LLMD in the Seattle area and would recommend them or would steer clear.



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My DS15 was hit by PANDAS in Dec 2011, he's seen every specialist at Sea Children Hospital to no avail, but was so lucky to work with a local Redmond Ped who specialized in PANDAS (now retired) who helped him greatly, he's been treated by Klinghardt himself, plus one of his cohorts (not great for us).


DS has had Dr. T on his team, received Pheresis from Dr. L at Georgetown U.


He now sees a Sea naturopath almost exclusively, who is treating him for Lyme ( he had a bullseye rash after a bite 3 months prior crash) and she's very invested. If you are interested in her PM me and I'll share her info. When I had contacted ILADS 2 years ago I was told there was 1 LLMD in the state, maybe he was in Vancouver WA...

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