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Strep going around in school: advice?


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I am rather new to this. My son (12) was recently diagnosed with PANDAS and is on antibiotics, next week he will have a tonsillectomy. I just learned strep is going around at his school. No one in his class, but some cases in lower classes. Should he stay home from school until no more cases? He is on antibiotics but I am not sure if it can still trigger symptoms. Any advice?



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If you were to try and keep him home through "strep season," I'd think you'd wind up keeping him out of school much of the school year! At least he's in middle school rather than grade school, so I imagine incidences of strep decrease somewhat at his age, but when my DS was 12, someone in one of his classes, or one of his friends, would have strep it seemed like every other week!


There are reports of "breakthrough" strep infections, even when a kid is on abx, so you do want to be vigilant. Is he on treatment dose or prophylactic dose?


I would talk with your doctor about it. The thing is, with the speed at which it can spread and the staggered incubation periods among kids in the school, it will be hard to know when to keep him home "prophylactically," and when it's likely safer for him to attend. So I would see if he can continue to take a good dose of abx through the winter months, at least, make sure he's practicing good hand-washing and similar skills, and if you know his lab partner has strep, then keep him home for the day.


It's dicey, I know . . . hopefully he's old enough now, though, that he can tell you if he's feeling "off" or any other signs that he's taken on an unwanted bug. Good luck!

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I agree with Nancy. I know some will disagree with me but I never had strep notices sent home to me. I assumed there was strep. My son is on abx year around. He is in middle school this year so I'm hoping there is less illness but its probably just wishful thinking. He has a cold right now.

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