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Need Dr. that treats Lyme and PANS in MA or CT area...

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we currently see Dr. B but I am just trying to keep our options open here as we have not seen much progress. We deal with Lyme and PANS. I don't mind seeing an LLMD, but they MUST be PANDAS/PANS literate. Looking for different options and more local. the 2.5 hour drive is getting to be a lot for not seeing much progress in 6 years. TIA!

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What about Jeanne Hubbuch in Watertown? http://drhubbuch.com

We aren't patients, but I've heard her speak and she sounded very knowledgeable and unlikely to overprescribe.

Also integrative is Nancy O'Hara in Wilton. http://ihealthnow.org/aboutus/index.html
Dr. O'Hara is also member of the PANDAS Physicians Network which means that she can reach out to any of those doctors for advice.

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