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IVIg authorized & scheduled! Any tips and advice?

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I was relieved and moved to tears today when I got notified that we (finally) got authorization for IVIg therapy through our son's secondary insurance (a Medicaid plan) after our primary commercial PPO denied coverage (based on their medical policy which deems IvIg investigational for PANDAS). I knew it should be covered by the Medicaid plan technically, but you all know how it is... My 45lb ds7 is scheduled for day one next Monday followed by a second day of infusion the following week at our children's hospital (outpatient). Any tips and advice?




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Fill the prednisone script to have on hand. At the first sign of any headache...give it to him. The second time around, I waited 4 hours to fill script after headache appeared, and the headache got too out of control and took days to go away..... The first time, when I administered immediately, it went away instantly and stayed away.

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