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Hello! I would start by saying a a little prayer for all of us such that we all identify the trigger and learn to keep the tics tucked away, never to see again. Even better, one morning tics just disappears.


So my DS is 4.5 yrs old now.


In past, a hernia surgery w/ anasthesia at 1yr and a fore-head bump in tub-faucet at 3yrs that required sutures.


On & Off ... Asthma. A cold & cough which brings on asthma. He is a boderline case of asthma. 2nd year in a row, Sep - Nov brings a bad asthma episode. We give him albuterol and budesonide only when needed. Not an ongoing treatment.




We noticed eyes-rolling/looking-on-left and "uhn" and "tck" sounds in July 2015. Did noting until last 2-3 weeks. He had bad cold/cough/asthma and gave meds. Suddenly tics became more noticeable. He started with some stomach pull-in tics.


We think that either head-bump or the 4yr vaccination (may 2015) is what started it.



so this is what we are doing ...


  • No TV. Literally zero! This is week 1
  • Going Organic
  • Using more natural, non-toxic products for cleaning
  • Milder body-wash as well
  • Lowing sugar intake.
  • pulled him out of day-care because he fussed on it every morning. Anxiety?!
  • No dairy
  1. Neuroligist : not very helpful.
  2. Chiropractor : Says there is some issue in the neck after taking MRI. 2 months therapy. I think he is just pocketing some $.
  3. We had done allergy test to see what triggers asthma. They did RAST too. No allergies.
  4. Recently started with therapy for convergency in-suffeciency and depth perception. Boder-line case.
  5. Getting Air quality tested at home.

So ....


Cutting out sugar & TV has greatly helped. Keeping him home has greatly helped as he is not as tired when he comes home from day care. No separation anxiety triggering tics.

This may sound crazy... when i sit on his left and talk to him, he has more eye tics (looking left corner of eyes). Sitting on his right or front keeps it low.





Hopefully he will out-grow this!


Thanks for reading/replying/supporting.





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Hi TicsGoAway -- I know everyone would appreciate your prayer to find the triggers and keep the tics "tucked away, never to be seen again." What a nice way to put it!


You've tried some major steps in seeking professional help for your boy, and a number of excellent interventions yourself. When you wrote it had been a week with your no-TV plan. How has that, along with the other things listed in your post as far as going organic, no dairy, having him out of day-care been working?


Could you please give us an update? Thank you for sharing your efforts with us. (There must be some answer about more tics when he's looking to his left side. Did you ask the chiropractor if that makes any sense with what he has found -- if indeed he is competent rather than just looking for payment as you question.

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