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An offer for all, possibly more appropriate for newer families

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Hi everyone,


Today is Giving Tuesday and I have an offer on my site for everyone. But I especially wanted to let this group know about it.


Through our 7+ years PANDAS journey I have now become a health coach and homeopath. Holistic options ended up being the most effective long term for our family. However my coaching is more about getting results for your family. Our family have tried almost every option available, including ivig and PEX. If I can help save some anxiety for your family and be a resource for you I would love to help. And today us the day to investigate if this is right for your family.


Take a look here: http://bit.ly/1NFOMwh


Have a great day!

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I went to the link assuming that this was a blog, as I was hoping to find out about your family's journey and which holistic options you found to be effective. But this link is asking for my contact details. Is there a blog somewhere on your site and, if yes, can you please steer me to it? Thanks.

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Oh, yes there is a blog. The site is new and so I only have 2/3 of our story up there.


You can get to the blog here http://www.holistichealthadvisors.com/blog


And the main site is just holistichealthadvisors.com


I used to blog much more privately. Since this site is so public and now my dd is older the story doesn't have all the gory details. But I'm happy to answer any questions in detail here. Our journey has been long and brutal. But currently our dd is healthy in her body. I believe she has trauma left over from the severity and duration of her illness. But we have identified that and are working on it. I veneer been able to say before that my dd is healthy!

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IVIG did help her, but it was never sustainable. The reason was because our other daughter is a silent strep carrier and it took us years to figure it out. That was the reason that PEX failed so miserably for us. That is why anytime anyone mentions PEX here I try and chime in to make sure they aren't bringing their child home to a house with a strep carrier.


Our insurance company is who required us to see an ND. I had never been to one before and she was able to have the same effects for our daughter as IVIG. But again, they didn't last. Given that no one was able to get us lasting results I decided to learn homeopathy myself (I wanted to become and ND, but that is a 5 year full time program...) so that I could help my daughter. We are now treating the carrier child solely with homeopathy and I fully believe it will do what antibiotics could not do. This is just our family. I truly believe that whatever works in this frightening and maddening situation is what should be done for your child. Our ped claims that most of her PANDAS families are 1-2 rounds of abx and they are cured. If that option was available to me and produced results, that is what I would do.


Remission is really hard for me to answer. I think that she has been hurt emotionally through all of this and so she still exhibits rages. But her body really and truly is healthy. I think that at this point the rages are a part of her and a learned response. My husband and I need to help her with this. When that is acheived I will feel like I can use the word remission. But from a physically healthy standpoint, she is healthy. And that has never, ever happened on this journey.


Hope that helps some. :)

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I am about to start a protocol for trauma for my PANDAS DD. It is all homeopathic. She has been on a few different remedies these past few months but she isn't taking anything daily.


Homeopathy is not a general approach. Meaning your child and mine could present with the exact same symptoms but need different remedies. I am certified through the Caduceus Institute.


Given how LITTLE - read nothing- I knew about homeopathy when it was first introduced to us, I still haven't found the "Homeopathy 101 in terms most people can understand." Being treated by a homeopath repeatedly and asking questions of them and then school are how I learned it. And then just seeing the results. It's shocking.


Again, I'm not saying it is the road for everyone. That is just my honest answer to your question.

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