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Best Gluten/Dairy Free Meatballs Ever

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1 Pkg Johnsonville Hot Ground Italian Sausage

1/3 lb each: ground Pork & ground beef/ground round (you can also buy a prepackaged meatloaf mix)

1/2 cup ground gluten free oatmeal (great binder/egg replacer)

1 cup ground gluten free Rice Krispy

1 tsp salt

handful of parsley (if you have it on hand)

1/2 cup (slightly less) Prego Garden Chunky Style Tomato Sauce


Mix the above and drop into salted/boiling water for 10 minutes (soft boil)


Transfer to pot with extra sauce and simmer another 15 minutes


I love the Prego Garden Chunky sauce & I mix it with Prego Chunky Garden/onion/garlic sauce: 1:1 ratio

It does not taste like jarred sauce.


Tip: I pull apart all the sausage and ground meets in the bowl to make sure everything is distributed evenly. If you just dump it all in and over mix it will change the texture of the meatballs. Try not to over mix....



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