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Elevated IgE


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My DS15 has an elevated IgE of 600. Normal range is 1-200. His doctor understands this has to do with some type of allergy but does not know to what, and has not explored it other then put him on Claritin. The Claritin has not decreased his PANDAS symptoms. I just recently read that IVIG is not very effective with an elevated IgE. We have had two at 1gm/kg with little success, and will have our 3rd at an increased dose of 2gm/kg right after Thanksgiving.

Has anyone else's child had an elevated IgE? Did you treat it and if you did IVIG was it successful?

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We too have had elevated IgE during episodes. Allergies are a huge part of our particular picture. I would think an allergist would be helpful in determining the specific allergens. In our case, dust mites in addition to multiple food allergies are the culprit. We also have elevated tissue transglutaminase IgA - which indicates 95 percent specificity for Celiac. Sp removing gluten, dairy and above allergens were huge for us and got us to remission for quite some time -and we never did IVIG despite tanked IgG.


Though, sadly we have started flaring again and are starting this process all over again now.


Anyway my advice would be to look closely into the allergy component! Couldn't hurt.

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