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Injury, surgery and flares

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My son walked into an older glass storm door in June 2015 and suffered two large gashes to arm and leg. He was stitched and stapled up and appeared to be healed but just this week we noticed a black and blue area, and x-rays have revealed 3 more objects (likely glass) inside of his leg. While there is swelling around the area, there is no heat or sign of infection.


His PANDAS symptoms have gradually increased and are now severe with ODD, some OCD, ADHD, and lately periodic aggression. Tics have progressed from sniffing everything in sight to repeating odd phrases and rhymes, potty talk.


We thought this flare was from an exposure to strep (his sister just had an IVIG in August). Can a festering wound aggravate PANDAS?


He is scheduled for surgery in a couple of days. Should we use abx before and after surgery, and if so what do you all recommend?



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when there is a immune reaction there can also be negative (auto-immune) effect on his system.

being cut by glass should provoke an immune reaction.

there is also some pscyhological effect of being wounded.

all these should not last too long.

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