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Can I pay an expert to interpret genetics and suggest supplements?

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Our 10 yo DD is PANDAS. We're doing abx and Motrin. We've done Cunningham Panel and Livewello, and are in the process of ruling out Lyme and other co-infections, as well as checking levels of B12, B3, B6 and methyl-folate. The PANS clinic has been extremely helpful for initial diagnosis, but have begun to suggest Prednisone as a next step. They seem uninterested in ruling out other infections or reviewing the Livewello results.


I'm gathering as much data as possible, but I don't have the Neuroscience expertise needed to synthesize and interpret the data. Our DD likely has ADHD & mood regulation challenges, both of which are exacerbated when she has a bacteria or a virus. Most medications have adverse effects on her, including Omega3 supplements. I have also seen her in periods of "fine" and would like to learn how to keep her system well-regulated. The price of the current "try it and see" approach is too high, and feels positively medieval.


Are there credible consultants available to help us interpret our Livewello results and suggest a course of action, or at least provide information about what NOT to do? I'm aware of Dr. Yasko's work, but I don't have the time to sit through the DVD course. Even if I did, I wouldn't trust my knowledge to implement a course of action.


Thank you




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I'm not familiar with Livewello. Geneticgenie.com will spit out some free info from 23andme results and prometheus.com(?) will provide a bunch of info on mutations/polymorphisms for five bucks. For info on supplements and such, you might try heartfixer.com, which I think offers individual supplement recommendations for around $30. I've been meaning to try heartfixer, which was recommended by our ND/lyme doc.


FWIW, my ds doesn't do well with omega 3 either. Evening Primrose Oil seems to be a much better choice for him. (By the way, he has had positive tests for strep, mycoplasma and lyme; steroids were definitely not good for him.)

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