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Specific "carrier" tests for PANDAS/PANS Parents?


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The PANDAS/PANS clinic suggested that my husband and I be tested to see if we are Strep carriers. I'm having trouble understanding exactly which tests we should ask our general practitioners to order. The clinic did not give specifics beyond getting our throat swabbed. FWIW, they suspect our 10 yo DD is strep-triggered, but we don't know yet for sure. She's had a full immunological work up including the Cunningham panel, and lots of tests for nutrient deficiencies, etc. She seems to be triggered by any illnesses, but sore throats in particular. She has not been tested for Lyme, Bartonella, MycroP, or Babesia. When I ask about running those tests, they reiterate that they believe she is strep-triggered, but I will continue to push.


In any case, my husband has a terrible reaction to having his blood drawn, so I'd like to get the list of "carrier" tests right the first time so I can avoid bribing him to return. I'm having a hard time getting specifics


This is my list so far. Would you recommend any other specific "carrier" tests?


1. Throat swab for active strep

2. Blood: Anti Strep O

3. Blood: Anti-DNASE B Titer

4. Blood: Anti Nuclear Antibody

5. Check for Mycroplasma P (I assume this is a blood test)


Thanks in advance for any insight.









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I believe a strep carrier's status is a clinical diagnosis. Carriers can have strep and not be affected. That's why they can cause trouble for a family member w pandas. Our youngest DD is a carrier. Our docs knowing the whole families history put her on prophylactic antibiotic 1 tab per week for 3, 4 years. Not a decision anyone wants to make. She was just turning 5. The reason we went with it was because we had seen some shadow symptoms in her. We believe it helped her not get pandas. Her older brother and sister had severe pandas at the time. They infrequently have shadow symptoms or short flares now.

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