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Viibryd for rages?

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First, let me make it clear that I don't WANT to use psych meds for my daughter. However, the longer this goes on I feel that her behaviors can only become more ingrained.


I've recently become aware of a relatively new (already a negative for this drug) psych drug that has been described as helping with anger/rage. It's called Viibryd. There are a lot of negative reviews on the drug in general but I have seen several people tout its benefit re:rage. I don't even know if it is approved for pediatric use but wanted to know if anyone else has heard of it, used it or considered it.

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Hi -

My son has been prescribed Namenda for this (usually used in Alzheimer's patients).

We have not started yet, as he just started school and we wanted to be able to differentiate from

the new school behaviors (better or worse) and the start of a new med. The only reason I mention

it is my son has paradoxical reactions to almost all other psych meds (he was on Namenda briefly

before and either it was not long enough or it did not help but was not worse). He is significantly worse

on Abilify, Seroquel and any benzodiazepene (the folks at Courtagen told me this was common in PANS).



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Thank you for this idea. Our DD has had paradoxical reactions to meds as well. Like you with certain meds, she either had no reaction or not enough time on xanax but right now our ped (who prescribed the xanax) won't re-prescribe it - even for just a weekend! it's soooo frustrating. I don't want to do any of these meds but I want my daughter to be happy!!!!


emst - did look in to abilify and liked what i saw. I was just a bit nervous given that she has had paradoxical reactions in the past to certain meds. i have no preference of one drug over the other - just one that might help her!!

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