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How do I keep everyone safe?


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DS is 6yo. Pandas full fledged onset this past May... His flares are aggressive, impulsive and often bad language (hitting, spitting, throwing, cussing rages). Not my kid at all... His 4 yo sister is a major trigger. The last few weeks we've been keeping them apart (taking turns at Grandparents house). But even during brief times they are together, DS has had episodes of rages. PTSD all around...we are worried about DD who he has kicked and punched. She knows he's sick but obviously that's not enough. DS is starting azithromicin tonight based on initial results from T&A done last week. Hoping for healing soon but meanwhile, how do you deal with home life? Last night he was a mess. How do you keep non-pandas siblings safe?

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Ugh, I am sorry to hear that you are going through some hard times. Its miserable and stressful. We had two kids like that last winter - defiant, rages, ugly words, potty talk, sexualized behaviors, hyperactive and impulsive. They would fight each other or else gang up on one or both parents. Worse their PANDAS would seemingly feed off each other. The only way to shape behavior during these flares is to shape environment. You the parent probably know what triggers rages and can handle them when out of control. I dont think kids can do that, PANDAS or not. I remember that, with our kids, just hearing eachothers voices would be overstimulating and trigger more wildness. Each parent would take a kid (or else one would go to the grandparents). The goal was to try to create a safe spot, a calm place to read books, play with their ipads, watch movies and listen to music. So I think you are on the right track. Also if possible try to give your non-PANDAS kid times to break and live life without the stress of her brother. And yourself too!


Risperdal also helped us a lot, we gave it to the kids for about 2 months.

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Hi Dasu,

Thanks for the empathy and for mentioning the risperadol. It reminded me that we were given a prescription for that but couldn't get it in a form that would work for our ds. I'm going to try again. Today is a better day..,DS is back on pediatric oxycodone for post T&A pain and it's improving his mood, eating, talking, and positive engagement.



Very perceptive to mention DD as possibly infectious. She's a carrier and complained just this morning of a sore throat. I'm going to get her swabbed tomorrow and try to get her on clindamycin. She's already been on Amox and cefdinir this summer for strep.

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