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Levofloxacin needed after T/A removal "Help"


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I need help please. Has anyone used this abx on their child? My sons tonsil culture showed pseudomonas and serratia marcenes (sp?) Is there anything I can use to help with herx/detox if that happens during this treatment? Activated charcoal or a binder?


Thanks for any helpful suggestions!!!

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The fluoroquinolones (cipro, levofoxacin, moxiflocacin) are big gun, potentially serious side effect antibiotics. I would ask if there are other options. If not, be very watchful for side effects.


My daughter battled MARCONS - a MRSA-like sinus infection. We tried 7 different abx. Moxiflocacin made her so sick, we stopped after 3 days. We then tried several other abx to no avail. Out of options, we finally, reluctantly, used cipro for 10 days last month and that seems to have gotten rid of the infection. For the first 5 days on cipro, she felt great - energy returned, the issues from the sinus infection subsided. But on Day 5, she crashed and felt awful. Muscle pain, random stabbing pains, severe fatigue, and then tinnitus that got so laud she couldn't hear herself think. We stopped on Day 10, concerned abuot the tinnitus.


In the 3 days after we stopped, she started to feel much better, but not 100%. So I researched but didn't find a ton out there that was reliable. Then I read Stephen Buhner's book on natural antibiotics and for MARCONS, he recommends three herbs - cryptolepis, sida acuta and alchornea. Cyrptolepis and sida acuta are natural quinilones that interefere with bacterial DNA replication in the same way that the man-made fluoroquinilones do, but with no known side effects. So I started researching the fluorine ring that's added in the pharmacy - it's added to make the drug toxic to the bacteria - making it 2.5 times more potent than the natural herbal quiniliones. But fluroide is a neurotoxin and the body can't easily get rid of it. In my daughter's case, and in cases you read about where people are "floxed" and made chronically ill from fluroquinilones - I believe the nasty side effects are from the body's inability to get rid of the fluoride.


I came across a few PubMed articles about selenium being neuroprotective and being able to bind to fluoride to help the body get rid of it. Selenium is used in ERs in cases of fluorodosis (fluoride poisoning like when a toddler eats a tube of toothpaste). Selenium also reduces cytokine activity (inflammation) and is a powerful antioxidant. So I gave my DD 100mg of selenium for abuot 5 days and her remaining symptoms went away. I then gave it to her a few times a week to continue the detox process without ODing her on selenium ( you generally only need small amounts and I didn't want to trade one problem for another).


So if you need to use it, be watchful for side effects, stop the abx if you see bad things and talk to your dr. about using selenium for a short period of time.

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I took Levofloxacin for 2 months to help me get rid of bartonella. My LLMD also had me take high doses of magnesium (400-600mg). Use only magnesium taurate, malate or glycinate. Other forms are not readily absorbed. I also was told to take 100mg of B6 (P5P) twice a day. This is to mediate the possibility of tendonitis/rupture and also to mitigate potential neuropathy that can occur taking levofloxacin. I would also recommend taking high doses of Alpha Lipoic Acid. I am still taking 300mg, 3x a day. My integrative doctor recommended adding the ALA.


I was also told NO jumping, running, lifting weights or doing ANYTHING, other than walking due to risk of achilles tendon rupture.

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