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I can get her to eliminate with probiotics but everyone I try makes her more anorexic or really mean. Tried magnesium but the tiniest bit makes her SUPER hyper and mean. She eats lots of fruit, water, protein bars and that's about it, since she has mJor eating disorder. The only thing I can think is she's lacking fats but fish oils are out of the question. I've tried 5 times and ITS TOTAL RAGING!! Any suggestions?

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My son has had this issue forever and we used to use Miralax but have not since the news on it possibly causing behavior issues

in kids and not to be used long term. We finally (and he was going to have to get his stool removed by a pediatric surgeon) found

a combo of 3 colace, 1 flaxseed, and one constipation stop (which has aloe) and he goes once a day. This is a lot for a kid, but

was recommended by his pediatrician since the problem was so severe.


DS 8 PANS/Lyme

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Bacteria seems to be in control. Until it is eliminated there will not be peace. It can take a while. We used oxypowder took pver a year. Flacyl can take a coupl of weeks, or months depending.


You might also want to look in to helminths.

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My 12yo has been constipated since birth! We tried probiotics, natural laxatives, miralax, diet, etc. All with no luck.


A little over a year ago we started her on very low dose prozac (5mg) to help w/ anxiety and mood issues that had not resolved from pandas flare. It has completely eliminated all constipation issues! (It also cleared up anxiety and mood!).



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We have big issues with Miralax. It makes him feel strange, foggy and generally mentally uncomfortable. Indeed, a month of miralax to resolve a particularly bad constipation situation immediately preceded the onset of PANS/PANDAS. (There are major gut issues involved in his PANS, including but not limited to germs and likely intestinal permeability.)


Mag citrate has been helpful for him. If that's not an option, I'd try daily fruit smoothies with kale and a tablespoon of flaxseed.


Culturelle probiotic is good for constipation. Avoid s. boulardii.

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Looks like they are doing a study on Miralax safety in kids




Miralax Dilemma: As Common Laxative Studied, Parents Ask, ‘Is It Safe?





Back in December of 2011, the FDA placed MiraLAX — a polyethylene glycol-containing blockbuster drug marketed by Merck & Co — on its Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) in connection to “neuropsychiatric events.”

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