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A new natural approach to tics and stuttering


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Mater Technologies has developed a non-invasive, natural product (Repreeve) to help reduce symptoms of tics, stuttering, and nystagmus. The approach has no significant side-effects, is reasonable in cost, and is currently undergoing trials.


You can learn more through the FAQ section on their website.


A free sample of the product (six small patches) will be sent on request to those who meet the symptom profile and would like a trial. The purpose of the sample is to help you determine whether this approach might be useful to you. No claims are made regarding any health benefits. All communication is confidential.


If you have questions about Repreeve, please contact the developers directly at info@matertechnologies.com or call the information line at 206.780.7465.


We are sharing this on the forum because we believe the developers are sincere in their efforts and there is no cost or harm in trying it.

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Here is a small part of the e-mail I received back:


"Repreeve is like an acupressure derivative. It does not contain chemicals (it does have adhesive on each patch- similar to a clear bandaid). It puts a tiny amount of pressure in six different locations in the body."


"I might add that some of the benefits we hear quite often include feeling calmer, better sleep, less anxiousness and less upset stomach."


"We have not tried the patches historically on children who have identified PANDAS as a source of their tics but we have worked very successfully with auto immune disorders in adults such as MS and Parkinson's and we have worked with Doctors to obtain objective results in some of those cases."

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No, and my state just went to all HMOs, so it unlikely to be an option any longer. Her doc is not an insurance option, so I do not know if he orders this, would the insurance cover it. Probably not.


We are waiting until we get her viral titers under more control before spending that kind of money on IVIG. If her titers are way out of control, as I understand it, it may help for a few weeks, but the viruses will just kick back in and negate all progress we make.


Most her viral titers are dropping, but are still almost 10 times higher than they should be.


EBV, varicella, HHV-6 are all 10 times or more higher than they should be. Others are high too, but those are the biggies right now.

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