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A new natural approach to tics and stuttering


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Mater Technologies has developed a non-invasive, natural product (Repreeve) to help reduce symptoms of tics, stuttering, and nystagmus. The approach has no significant side-effects, is reasonable in cost, and is currently undergoing trials.


You can learn more through the FAQ section on their website.


We've been told that a free sample of the product (six small patches) will be sent on request to those who meet the symptom profile and would like a trial. The purpose of the sample is to help you determine whether this approach might be useful to you. No claims are made regarding any health benefits and all communication is confidential.


If you have questions about Repreeve, please contact the developers directly at info@matertechnologies.com or call the information line at 206.780.7465.


We are sharing this on the forum because we believe the developers are sincere in their efforts and there is no cost or harm in trying it.

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the email seems to have had an error and it should be info@matertechnologies.com

Hi, just an FYI that Google just corrected the web address when I tried it...the only difference is that Google added a / to it...so I was able to pull up this website under info@matertechnologies.com/. I have no idea why this is, though? But, on the bright side it worked. J

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Hi --Sorry for all the difficulties in tracking this down!


We have learned of a couple of positive responses for tics by using the patches from http://www.repreeve.com/


Hopefully those people will be willing to post their experience soon. Of course it is good to hear from from anyone who tries it, regardless of the result.


You can testimonials on their site.

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