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How long does it generally take to see the full benefits of ABX treatment? Our PANS 10 year old has been on Amoxicillin for ~9 weeks. She's been in remission for ~8 of the 9 weeks. We're still not completely clear as to what caused her PANS symptoms (a comprehensive set of blood tests has been run and were all normal at the time we started seeing the clinic), but I swear I'm seeing small but gradually continued improvement as the weeks go on.


I'm used to thinking of ABX as a quick and effective fix for infections (assuming you've match the right ABX to the infection), so on one hand, it might make sense to stop ABX if we're not exactly sure what caused her symptoms, on the other hand I'm wondering whether it's possible for regular ABX treatment to gradually improve any low-lying/under the radar infections over a long period of time. Certainly I understand the prophylactic ABX strategy, which may be reason enough to continue, it's just interesting that I'm seeing gradual improvement over time.


(I should note that a Cunningham Panel is currently in process, which may tell us more about the origin of her symptoms.)


Thanks in advance for your insight and opinions.


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When my DD was put on antibiotics this past Feb, her PANDAS/PANS symptoms were completely gone within a month. We saw dramatic improvements within 2 weeks. She stayed symptom free till July when we took her off the antibiotics. Her drs wanted to see if since the risk of infection is lower in the summer, she could maintain. Well within a week or 2, her PANDAS/PANS symptoms started to come back. We meet with Dr. Williams to see his take. He said that while it would seem she is infection free, maybe the antibiotics have a calming effect on the brain. He said there is emerging research that antibiotics can help with OCD symptoms and maybe that is the role that prophylactic antibiotics play in helping PANDAS kids. We put her back on amoxicillin and it brought her back to 50-75 % recovery and so we are now trying Cephelaxin after meeting with her other dr. We just had blood work back and everything seems fine so it doesnt seem she has an infection so I guess Dr. Williams idea of antibiotics calming the brain could be what is going on. So hard to figure it all out!

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