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Yes, I see Dr. Najjar for PANDAS. He actively treats me with IVIG every three weeks for the past three years. He also does high dose steriods to get rid of my tics if need be. The IVIG isn't as effective for my tics. Quite frankly, he saved my life. I'm doing great, I live completely normally. I have had PANDAS for 17 years and he is without a doubt the best doctor I have ever seen. I'd say he gets me back to about 80%-85%. I'm usually 90% with supplements. I work full time and just finished a master's degree. My experience has been that he treats very aggressively. I was in remission for about 10 years after my orignal diagnosis but it turned into PANS once I was in college after a myco infection. He is my adult neurologist. Please PM me with any additional questions. This is all that I am comfortable sharing publically.

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