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spike in tics from wobenzym or pyrroloquinoline quinone?


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The tic I have is a blinking tic. It is usually controlled with clonidine. I have tinnitus and have been trying some different supplements to get it to go away. I have used all of these before but recently I have a strange sensation around my eyes that was very similar like the feeling I had in my eyes when I had yet to begin clonidine. The dosage was:


ginkgo biloba 24% ginkgo flavonol glycosides 6% terpene lactone

grape seed extract








pyrroloquinoline quinone



I would usually only tkae pyrroloquinoline quinone once or twie a week using 10mg because it lowers glutathione which is beneficial for protecting the ears, in other words, the ears need glutathione, but the other day I decided to take 20mg in one day that is still a typical dosage and that levening my eyes started to feel wieird. My eyes had a bizarre sensation that was almost like I need to blink, but not quite, more of a soreness. I didn't have a brushing in my eyes like this since i started the drug. Anyway i wasn't sure if it was the tic coming back or if it was some reaction to something else. When I had this it was almost as if I needed to blink, to give an example, when I have a blinking tic the feeling goes from a 1 to 1a 10 and then I need to blink for it to go away. But this sensation was somewhere around a 4 or 5, like I almost had to blink. I didn't know if it was a tic that was somehow being lessened by the medication or if it was something else happening.


The other thing I did that day was take a larger dose of wobenzym, i went from the normal dose of 3 pills 3 times a day to 4 pills 3 times a day. WHen I used it previously I had taken this amount before with no issues, so I am thinking it was the pyrroloquinoline quinone (pqq). This supplement has no reported effect on tinnitus beut it is claimed to promote mitochondrial biogenesis so I thought it might be effective in rebuilding the cells in the ear. I wonder if I had some weird reaction to the larger dose.


Do any of you here have any experience with pyrroloquinoline quinone or wobenzym igniting tics?


I was additionally trying nicotinimide riboside but I don't think that changed the feeling.

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