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Sacramento Observer article on CDC Whisteblower

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This article in the Sacramento Observer reports Congressman Posey's revelation to congress that Dr William Thompson of the CDC has revealed the deliberate omission of data in a 2004 study of the link between MMR and autism. The other authors not only omitted damning data and conclusions from the final publication but destroyed documents in order to cover it up. Sadly the Sac Observer is just one of two publications in the entire country that has reported on this so far.



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Here's a very good article from Thinking Mom's Revolution re the CDC whistleblower. Tics are mentioned! http://thinkingmomsrevolution.com/the-thompson-transcripts-shocking-revelations-by-the-cdc-whistleblower/

Here's a link from the article to easily contact your reps:

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Here's a very good article from Thinking Mom's Revolution re the CDC whistleblower. Tics are mentioned! http://www.huffingto...s-_b_66007.html


If you were informed that mercury in vaccines might double the risk of your son developing motor tics, increase his risk of "phonic tics" by nearly two-and-a-half times, and possibly cause speech, attention or behavioral problems in school, would you still allow him to be injected with the heavy metal -- which, by the way, is 100 times more neurotoxic than that lead coating on his Chinese toys?

And what if your government's most trusted public health agency, the CDC, announced it had funded a study that replicated the findings of a 2003 CDC analysis, which also detected an association between vaccine mercury and tics, and that researchers were now suggesting "the potential need for further studies" between thimerosal and the neurological disorder?

And what if the investigators also said they detected a small but statistically significant association between early thimerosal exposure and impaired "behavioral regulation" in boys?

Or what if they said that increased neonatal exposure (28 weeks or younger) was associated with "significantly lower scores in verbal IQ scores in girls," and "significantly poorer performance" in articulation tests among all children?

And what if the authors further noted that speech problems were also found in the 2003 CDC study, where they said thimerosal exposure was associated with "an increased risk of language delays" at one test site?

Finally, what if those same authors claimed that their findings "suggest a possible adverse association between neonatal exposure to mercury and language development?"


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