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Qufeng Zhidong Recipe or Ningdong Granules

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I am wondering if anyone has heard of this or used this Chinese medicine for treatment of Tic Disorder? I am new to the forum but have been reading the posts for awhile now looking for answers for my 10 year old daughter. She has not received an official diagnosis but has been having tics for about 4 years. Luckily she has been great about hiding them and also they have not been very noticeable. She also is a very smart, athletic girl who has many friends. Up until recently, she has not even seemed to care or notice the tics even if we did. However, recently she has developed a new tic that has been around for about 1 month now and it is pretty noticeable (constant eye blinking of her right eye). We are not sure of the trigger and can't seem to figure out what are her overall triggers are either.


Last summer was the only time where I don't recall seeing her tic. She did have a slight tic but it was not noticeable (pushing her stomach in with her hands 2X - typically while playing soccer). At the same time, she was eating gluten free for an unrelated reason and I am wondering if that was helping to keep the tics under control. She was also on a high dose medical grade probiotic. She has begun to eat gf again and our naturopath has recommended she take Trancor to balance her GABA levels...also waiting on neurotransmitter testing. She takes fish oil and probiotics. Naturopath also recommends acupuncture but we have not tried that yet. I feel overwhelmed in this process of figuring out what is causing her to tic. She is starting a new school in the fall and I am so scared of her being teased.


So in my constant researching, I came across studies that have shown this Chinese medicine to be 100% effective for TS/TD. But the study was small.


Has anyone heard of this? Thank you!

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