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Advice for 6yo MRI/spinal tap & EEG tomorrow?

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Well, we did the mri and spinal tap today and it went well even though ds was anxious. We didn't tell him about spinal tap, just that he was going to get the "pictures of his brain." Since it was at a children's hosp, staff was great with kids. I wrapped up and brought him a little Lego that we gave him after he got into the gown and did what the nurse needed him to do. It was good to have something new a small to hold his focus and it became a conversation starter for the medical team. I also brought a big set I knew he wanted that happened to be on sale. We wrapped that too but left that in the car until he was sedated. We told him that was for after--for doing a good job. Those Lego really helped because we could redirect his attention to them as anxiety rose. Normally he would have been able to handle more but nor since he got sick he gets extremely upset very easily. In recovery, when he figured out that he had a bandaid on his back, we explained that he had gotten a scratch while he was sleeping and so they gave him a bandaid.

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