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Treating bartonella help

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My son is 15, 2 year flair and nothing working. He has bartonella, Lyme and high IgG to almost everything ESP viruses. The psychiatric symptoms and rage and OCD and violence and ESP autonomic crisis episodes have been unbearable. Llmd keeps not wanting to treat Lyme, and another only does antibiotics which make him homocidal violent and we can't live through it. His muscles are contracting violently non stop, screaming in pain and can't find anyone that seems to want to spend more than 5 min figuring it out. Has anyone treated Bart and Lyme and myco etc with Buhner protocol, please let me know what helped...

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So sorry. Our son had similar presentation. Started treating Bartonella and he did well for a few month and he just went off the deep end. Fast forward one year with multiple docs and very little direction. We discovered that he was not detoxing well and he was toxic which was causing a PANS reaction of neuropsychiatric symptoms. We had to stop....build up his immunities, drink lots of lemon water, Epsom salts baths and certain herbs for detox help. 23andMe test showed us that he had methylation issues and was G6pd. This is a mutation that doesn't process sulpher well. Are any of the meds you have on Sulpher based? Bactrim is one. We introduced Pinella, Burber and Sparga. These three helped amazingly. Then restarted the anti B's very low and slow. Pulsing was all we could do. Our LLMD does not pulse but he does with us bc of our child's poor ability to Detox. I also used Chlorella a bedtime or charcoal tablets. Several months on this protocol our DS finally began to calm. Look into that test and get him detoxing. If you treat w only anti b and no detox they can get extremely emotional from the spill off of neuro toxins!!!! We also added very slowly slowly some Stephan Buhner herbal Bartonella protocol. Some moms I have spoken with added CBD oil with success for calming down,

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We have been treating lyme/bartonella for years. Lots of psych symptoms here and anything we try makes her worse and more agitated. Even magnesium. After treatment I did notice the bartonella rash went away so I guess something helped. She is not on anything right now and she just can't slow down. She has been like this since a baby. She wakes up and starts to run full speed around the rooms. She can't even catch her breath. The whole time she just keeps saying, I can't slow down. I think it goes hand and hand with severe intrusive thoughts. When she does slow down, she can't come away from computer or TV. You can't even talk to her because the thought are so bad. Its horrible. I am looking into the LDI, but until we get there I need to try something to try and help her. What's really scarey is that when the thoughts get really bad and she reaches the breaking point, she bursts into a rage because she can't take it any more. You never know when the rage is, so it scares the devil out of you. Happens mostly when we drive. Ugh. I need to look into the Buhner protocol but I don't want to do it alone. Too tired. Any doctors in the NJ area you know of? Thanks so much and thinking of both of you!!!

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DD13 was treated with various abx for 2 years for bartonella. She weaned from abx in Apr 2013 at 80% improvement. At that point I introduced Buhner's full bartonella protocol (minus l-arginine) which kept her at 80%. Our LLMD didn't specifically treat her IND lyme, but WB bands increased during treatment - the LLMD says that is because her immune system was starting to properly recognize the infection.


Bartonella treatment resolved rage issues as well as Tourette's, ADHD and SPD.


When I started DD on herbs I started treating myself also with the same protocol/same dosages and found that I was herxing along with her. Our LLMD had previously clinically diagnosed me with the same infections so I thought I would give it a try.


My symptoms improved significantly and DD maintained her 80% improvement for 8 months. At that point I decided to switch up a little and added CSA (for babesia - for which DD was asymptomatic and tested negatively through Igenex). She immediately responded with babesia herx symptoms and was then clinically diagnosed with babesia.


Treating her asymptomatic, negative-testing babesia brought her to 98% with significant improvement in cognitive/executive function. The addition of a natural chelating protocol suggested by Julie McIntyre (cilantro and binding clay - we use DE) improved her to 99%.


If you are going to use Buhner, you need to use the whole protocol starting 1 herb at a time and at VERY LOW DOSAGES. Do not use the dosages recommended in the book, especially if your son is sensitive.


We are doing wonderfully now with the FULL bartonella protocol (minus l-arginine which can exacerbate viral infections) with CSA and redroot from the babesia protocol.


I have also added in turmeric, ginger, rhodiola, phosphatidylcholine, taurine, zinc, selenium, potassium, low dose astragalus (500mg 3x weekly), probiotics and fermented vegetables.


Every one of Buhner's herbs are included in his protocols for a reason. If you start picking and choosing the protocol will not be as effective.


If you haven't, please read his two coinfection books; bartonella and mycoplasma, and babesia and anaplasma.

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Hi rowing mom, I sent you a private reply...hope you can respond. Have been doingmtonmof detox, I put DE with bentonite clay one night, then zeolite another, then charcoal another etc. wish I could do more than once a day but so hard with all the other stuff. Jap knotweed low dose has def calmed down the violence and psychosis some, just at a big drop three times a day in pomogranite. Julie wants to keep titrating up in it, so anxious to get rid of the myco and Bart but she wants to get brain and CNS inflammation down, I agree. Has given me a half dozen herbs to calm nervous system or seizures and resultant rages, Catonia, but nothing for the god aweful muscle movements, complex tics, severe jerking all over just had husband bring home another virus and he is a wreck again all symptoms really bad, she told me to start hyttonnia for virul, but slow. .

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