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Anyone ever slip in a Xanax or something similar?

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Dd9 is flairing- had full blown rage episode last night. We have never tried SSRI's or any psych meds of any kind- my husband and I have both agreed all along that we do not want to go down that road.


But last night, I was seriously considering slipping her some Xanax. Does anyone do that? On an irregular basis I mean? I have a script for her (filled) from her PANS doc to use if needed for having her blood drawn (which used to be a HUGE ordeal for her) - but we never used it.


Would something like Xanax help during a rage? She was horrendous all night last night- even when she calmed down a little.... Still boiling under the surface this morning too. Any reasons why or why not to try it? I definitely wouldn't fall into the habit of giving it to her all the time or anything, but wondering if I'm missing out on some "occasional relief" that might be available right there in my cabinet??

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We irregullarly use klonopin (.5mg) for blood draws, serious anxiety (ie: when I vacuum or wash her hair) and more serious "upsets" (not rages, just very emotional w/frustration). I usually give 1/2 unless it is a blood draw. It works wonderfully here.


We also use one of these as first line treatment for anxiety/upsets: CBD oil, benadryl, True Calm, Sleep Relax, Japanese Knotweed w/ Kudzu, and Stress Away (essential oils).

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