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6 year old with Lymes can not swallow pills! How to detox

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Can you tell me what part of the 23 and me test to look at that tells about the melatonin? Thank you.


Child can't swallow pills. What form of detoxers can we use then? Pinella? Burber? Zeolite?

Herxing horribly on Zithromax so we are now going way slow and low but need a protocol.


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Yes, you can use the tinctures you mentioned. Also fresh lemon juice in water sweetened with stevia a couple of times a day. Magnesium citrate and vitamin C powders mixed in water as well.


Magnesium is an important part of detoxing and can be taken to bowel tolerance.


You can also try Epsom salt baths (magnesium sulphate) which are helpful if you child can tolerate sulphate (which is important as well).

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Are you seeing an ILADS recommended LLMD or LLND for your daughter's infection(s)? The reason I ask is because the infection is not called "Lymes". If your doctor is referring to it as such, you should be looking for another.


You also need to investigate coinfections because lyme rarely, if ever, travels alone. The presence of coinfections (bartonella, babesia, mycoplasma, ehrlichia etc.) result in a more symptomatic and hard to treat infection.


You may treat lyme for years only to discover underlying coinfections. If you haven't tested for them or been clinically diagnosed by a proper LLMD, you can not assume your daughter doesn't have these arthropod borne infections.

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