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Switch to prophylactic abx?

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DS has been on treatment strength abx for approximately 5 years now. I'm not sure they are still doing anything but I'm nervous about just going off completely. He's currently on clarithromycin (biaxin). I'm wondering about moving to a prophylactic dose of something... either the biaxin or something else. Has anyone moved to a prophylactic dose after a long time on treatment strength? What abx do you use and what has your experience been? When he was young, he very clearly and obviously needed the treatment strength. He's now a teenager and we are addressing some other stuff, mainly MTHFR related. We are not 100%, but I'm not sure it's an abx issue anymore and I'm getting more and more nervous about long term, high dose abx....

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We are in the same boat as you. DS now 15 has been on treatment augmentin for 3 yrs now. He is stable and going through puberty so this summer we have decided to try stopping his abx. I started by reducing the daily dose in half for about a month then I completely stopped the antibiotics and only give a daily probiotic. So far so good. We started reducing dose at end of April and had stopped completely by end of May. He did complain of sore throat a couple weeks ago so I gave him a week at full dose just to be cautious but then stopped completely again. He goes to see our pandas doctor in a couple of weeks and I think she will be pleased with his progress. She has always said that many of her patients improve once they reach puberty.

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