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I'm new to all of this and would love to PM or talk to someone who's been down this road. Two and a half weeks ago our ds, age 6 got sick and started with unusual and aggressive behaviors. Foul language, aggression, horrible disturbingly mean talk (totally out of character), irritable, then crying jags, baby talk and lack of appetite. Along with this was a scarletinna type rash, and he reported feeling like bugs were crawling up and down his arms and legs--even while he "knew" that there weren't any there. He tested positive for Strep B from a throat culture and a week later his 4 yr old sister pos for Strep A on a rapid strep. DS finished 10 days of Amoxicillin as of last Friday morning and was doing noticeably better Thursday and Friday. Then Saturday morning the behavior issues were back and he punched me and gave me a bloody lip! After I got my wits about me, I gave him some ibuprophen (and a LONG time out), and he did much better for the next few hours 5-6 hours. He's also been mixing up words and sentences intermittently...I would love to hear from someone with ideas about what to do and how to manage until I can get him in to see one of the specialists. Thanks!



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First, I would have DS and DD retested to see if the strep cleared. My kiddo was positive for 60 straight days while on abx when we first started down this road. Additionally, amoxicillin is not well known for clearing strep. It does sometimes, but often it does not. My kiddos doc did not want to retest my kiddo after the first round of abx, but reluctantly did at my insistance and surprise (only to them) she was still positive. If your doc refuses to retest, I would buy the tests on Amazon and do the test myself if I were you.

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