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First, I'm addicted to this board. I have learned so much from all of you, so thank you. I don't know how I would have made it through the last few weeks without all your advice and experience.


My dd11 has never been a big water drinker but since her PANDAS diagnosis it is worse than ever. For her weight she should be drinking 30 oz a day. We're lucky if she gets 15 on most days and that is with constant nagging. If we don't tell her to drink, she would not. She won't drink anything so I can't even bribe her with sugary drinks not that we even have that stuff around.


With all these abx and detox and advils and everything else, I know it is so important to drink.


Is this a symptom? Any advice on what will make her drink? I know she's dehydrated. She complains of thick saliva and spits it out. And although she has a bm daily it's not easy for her.

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Maybe popsicles or smoothies/milkshakes? with juice and/or aloe in it, or that pediasure stuff, not sure how that tastes so maybe it's gross, but I'm just trying to brain storm for you.


And I think you speak for many, many of us re/ addiction to the board. It certainly helped me keep my sanity when the thread was ready to snap, and that's a fact.

If I think of anything else I'll ping you...

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When my daughter had her initial onset, refusal to drink was a symptom. She did not want to go the bathroom so she refused to drink and we ended up at ER for dehydration. It went away after a couple days. I think it is a symptom because one of the drs we see asked at the initial consult if my dd was restricting food or water.


I second the popsicle or milkshakes or lots of fruit. The fruit has water and will help with her bathroom issues too.


I know you have had a rough road lately so I hope you get some relief soon.

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--- and sorry I should have added that re dehydration there are a lot of hydration recipes out there many of which are low in sugar. I am going to go out there and say that I think that the sugar (too much sugar) might be part of the problem and whatever you can do to work to reduce it the better, not preaching on that topic rather there is a product made by the company energetix called ReHydration it's a homeopthic, It's drops. We take on dropper by mouth every day an it keeps them hydrated. It made a lot of huge difference in hydration for my kids who were so dehydrated in starting IVIG that the nurses could not get an iv in to them. Water is not always the problem. People can take lots of water and still be dehydrated.

Hope it helps,


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