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Day six Augmentin (first abx since diagnosis ) questions

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My 8 yo dd is on day 6 500 mg Augmentin.


The symptoms seemed better at first but now seem like they are ramping up. More emotional upheaval, urinary frequency, negative thoughts.

Earlier she had a leg pain that was excruciating and brought her to tears on her calf.

Is this a normal reaction? Should the neurological symptoms be improving by now.


Thanks for any and all advice

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When we first started my dd on antibiotics (she takes amoxicillan twice a day) we saw improvements within a couple days and then had a couple hard days and then after about a week things started to steadily improve. Within a month all of her OCD/anxiety and other issues were gone. I would still give it some more time. Hope the antibiotics end up helping!

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My DD 12 just finished a month of augmentin and we had a similar experience. In fact the last four days have been the worst yet. She starts Zithro tomorrow. The dr said some kids respond better to one vs the other. We're really hoping the change works. Not sure how much more of this I can take.

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