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Lymphocytosis (Elevated Lymphocyte count)

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Hello All,

Wanted to ask a question that has been bugging me for a while. Our DS has been on abx for over a year and 3 months with only a little resolution in vocal tics. We had a diagnosis of Lyme through Advanced Labs nearly 2 years ago. As part of his regular blood tests I've noticed that his absolute lymph count is always beyond range (normal range is 1.3 - 3.7)


Every report has a higher than normal absolute Lymphs count (save one - and even that is near the top of the range). A report or two with this sort of reading might be dismissed but this is a pattern over nearly 2 years!


Can anyone help meunderstand what does this mean - that there is an underlying chronic infection/inflammation - thats, there is "something there" despite over a year of multiple rotated high-does abx?


Or could it be a hyper-stimulated immune response (i.e. there is nothing there now - but there once was - but the immune system has not got the message to "stand down"?


Anyone else seen this with their situation?


Thanks very much!

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Our Lyme DS had high lymphocytes and low neutrophils for many years across several readings. At first doctors were somewhat dismissive about those results, but after a long span of time they stood as a metric to measure the success of the Lyme treatment. We stopped treatment protocol when tics subsided and then we measured WBCs again -- lymphocytes and neutrophils were both normal. For us, those WBCs were a good indicator of immune activity against the Lyme.


If you feel the same, you may want to consider the efficacy of current treatment protocol. We modified ours over time when no changes were seen. While we tended to use protocols that used multiple antibiotics to hit the various forms of Borrelia, the last protocol we used employed Doxycycline + Flagyl which I feel was to most successful in killing the spirochete and cyst forms at one time.

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