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Can allergic reactions trigger PANDAS symptoms?

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My daughter just recently started having PANDAS symptoms after a strep infection.


She was prescribed Cefdinir Which has a purple and blue capsule. After the symptoms started, my husband researched info on the drug and the capsule has red dye #40 which causes hyperactivity and migraines in my daughter and we unwittingly gave it to her for ten days.


I wonder if this pushed the start button for PANDAS by inflaming her brain while having strep?


Also, I wonder if I need to be more vigilant to future exposure to allergens as well as strep and infections.

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I say very much yes. an allergic reaction is engagement of the immune system -- anything that engages the immune system can cause a PANS reaction. my son is allergic to sunscreen ingredients - I am usually very vigilant about it. a couple of years ago, I used one that I thought was okay. the first day, he had a slight reddening of his face - I thought it was just sun exposure -- I used it the next day! yikes. that evening, I realized, it wasn't sun exposure, but an allergic rash. that triggered a flare ! the rash was slight and lasted only a few days -- the flare lasted 6 weeks.

good luck!

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I would say yes as well. My daughter has been on antibiotics for about 3 months and has been symptom free. HOwever, this week we have had a few days of flares and I am blaming the massive amount of pollen out there. I feel that it is inflaming her system and if she were not on the antibiotics we would be dealing with a massive flare. It would see if in the future you can get dye free meds and see if that changes her reaction.

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I don't think my child has this problem, however when he had T&A he would not take any liquids or swallow any pills (ended up getting a massive infection and fever) but the one thing I found out is Cednifir tablets are easy to open and they had no taste in a juice. I tried a bunch and they all tasted horribly and he knew it was there except for this one. Now I do this all the time since I would rather my kids not get the dyes even if they are not especially allergic.



DS 8 PANDAS/Lyme/Metabolic Disorder

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