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Medication Question - General and specific feedback wanted!

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So.... we have been through the familiar circle of h*ll with this whole thing. But in a very abbreviated nutshell:


Neurotypical 11 yo kiddo prior to actue onset 10/13.... PANS, unidentified viral trigger (official dx autoimmune encephalitis - post viral). 28 day course of cefdinir, to 3 rounds of steroid burst plus one taper, finally to IVIG (3/14).... miraculous turn around for us and have been coasting quite wonderfully (typical micro flares post viral stuff). We started on 2mg of fluoxetine and took 6 months to get to 10mg, where we have been stable and good. Once we reached the 10mg mark we were able to move from the liquid form to the 10mg tablet form.


My question... liquid vs. tablet (this drug or other) with the same mg of active ingredient should theoretically be the same, yes? But out of the blue, increasing with intensity, are bouts of anxiety that have no identifiable trigger or cause. My son (now 12.5) very clearly articulates that these feelings of discomfort and the need to flee a situation during these unpredictable episodes comes out of nowhere. It has been 16 days since the switch from liquid to tablet....and the start of these episodes I can track back to about 5-7 days after switching over to the tablets....


Am I nuts here? Or could the change in compounding then effect the way my kiddo is metabolizing the medication? I am going back to the liquid immediately just to see if that addresses it....but I also have a call into his doc to see if it is a post viral reaction (he was sick with his first respiratory virus last month since the sh*t hit the fan initially).





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Is there any coloring in the tablets? My doc prescribed cefdinir to my daughter then she started the PANDAS symptoms. My husband then found out the capsules have red dye #40 which she is allergic to and could have triggered the symptoms.

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