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updates or info on lithium orotate?

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ds has gotten back to baseline after a difficult fall/winter with Lyme/Strep/Myco - the trio from ######.


of course, it was a disastrous school year.(I'm horrified and disgusted - but that's another story) he is now having almost a type of PTSD with school work. he seems to be set off in almost an impulse control way when tasked with doing certain topics -- writing is always a trigger; explaining math is troublesome.


he has a hometeacher coming and now that spring is here -- it is painful when she comes after 4pm. he is calm and reasonable before and plans to get it all done. when it's time, he is so frustrated and cannot get over it to just get the work done. after, he's okay. he has then had to do it and gets the connection of the wasted time - so it's not a matter of just getting his way and/or trying to get out of something. incentives make sense when we discuss before hand, but he can not see it through in the moment.


he's not wrong -- what 10 year old would want to sit at the kitchen table and do independent worksheets while someone watches you in the afternoon when school is supposed to be out anyway. however, this is our current situation.


I was wondering if I may try lithium supplement. any thoughts?

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i am of the try everything school. go low and slow. we tried lithium orotate and it had some positive effects but many negative ones -- ds became very hypper. and we had to discontinue after a week. look for back posts on orotate. some people had success with it.


we have, rather had, similar study issues with dd. did not discover magic wand but one thing did make things better, making it a routine. i.e., if this happens every day at 4pm, then eventually he will get used to it or he will get better prepared for it.

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Lithium orotate has been huge help for us for mood stability. However, sjw has been great for improving mood. I must say that we are doing everything leading pandas doc said to do. So I can not be sure that there has been a magic silver bullet. I could not have done what we did without a good doc.


Two thumbs up for lithium orotate though from us.

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thanks worried. . . sorry -- it seems you are saying both lithium orotate and st. johns wort have been helpful, is that correct? you seem to say L.O "mood stability" and sjw "improving mood" -- do you see differences in the actions? do you think it's the combo?


just curious - can you PM which doc you see and if that doc suggested these or just signed off on you suggesting. we do have a doc who guides us.



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I think it is a combo........ can't really be sure. I started taking 2 SJW per day about 2/3 of what my kiddos take. I notice very subtle "chilled out ness" if you will......not that I had mood issues....more just to try it and see how I felt. I would say lithium orotate supports a person/kiddo with mood stability....ie.....preventing anger or outburst from fragile frustration.......so called bi-polar.


SJW is supposed to promote more positive mood and "help" you see "the bright side" . It is kinda hard to explain.


So with that said, I cannot say either way one or the other.......so default to combo.


Prescribed by "Leading Pandas doc" in Ohio....Integrative Pedi but does natural first then SSRI stuff for support only if needed/wanted by parents. We have really not wanted to go there.

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